"Laughtering Egret Lake"
2021-04-18 19:27:52
        In order to further enrich the leisure life of the company's small partners, strengthen team building, enhance the cohesiveness and centripetal force of employees, and create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility and happiness, so that everyone can better invest in the next work.
        On September 14, 2018, the company organized the group building activity of "Laughing Egret Lake", and all employees participated in the event. During the two-day and one-night activities, four projects were launched, such as “bonfire party, orienteering, water canoe, and wild donkey”.
        The scenes of the event are passionate, warm and harmonious. The partners in each event are tacit cooperation, and they carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, not afraid of difficulties, and have completed the activities one after another.
        This group building activity strengthened the communication and collaboration between employees, and let everyone deeply understand that the strength of one person is limited. The strength of a team is indestructible. The success of group building requires the joint efforts of each member. 
Pudi's little friend "Huizhou. Laughing Egret Lake" photo

Teamwork game